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First chassis installed


Over the past months, the first Maud-Chassis were installed. Several of them have been integrated in our clients’ workflow, which has provided us with valuable experience as our first users are all quality-driven benchmarks in different sectors.


So for their patience and belief in the project we’d like to convey our most profound and humble thanks to Concentra Group (Belgian Press group), Orfeo (French archiving company) and Mikros Image Group (International Post-production company ).





Maud is much more than a clever storage solution, it is a conscious choice and a way of life that stems from our belief that technology can make this world a better place.


That is why Maud-Technologies committed to developing the world’s first 100% transparent and environmentally responsible cloud-service archiving system: Everest.


Everest runs on Maud technology and will safeguard your archives while your archives keep the planet safe. If you’d like to know more about Everest, take a look here:


Who is MAUD?

MAUD is a very different approach to archiving that emerged from our clients' needs. We have worked in post-production for about 20 years and understand the needs better than anyone.


So we invented an accessible, scalable and affordable solution that makes sense for archiving the ever growing volume of data within our post-houses. MAUD is built by users, for users!


We designed our own chassis to maximise the system’s operational lifetime. We use efficient aluminum cooling and high quality steel. Our circuit boards utilise selected low energy components to reduce power usage to an absolute minimum and create a sustainable archiving solution.


So if you fancy MAUD and you’d like to be kept informed, then please fill out your details below and we’ll keep you in the loop.

Archiving is different from a backup so we designed MAUD with that in mind. While other solutions focus on features and performance, MAUD is driven by simplicity, robustness and transparency.


Long term archiving

without compromise



We perform regular integrity checks of the content and monitor hardware metrics to maximize long term accessibility for future generations. While conventional systems undergo critical recovery or rebuild phases, MAUD is designed to deal with failure under normal working conditions without impacting operations.


Beautiful simplicity

High scalability and performance

MAUD is driven by your data! There’s no database and no single point of failure. Archived content is accessible at all times. You can connect any disk to a computer and read your files.




We chose disk as a storage medium for its wide availability, flexibility and easy access. No need for robots, external tape drives, or third party software to make it work. The system is operational starting with only a single unit and three drives. As your archive grows, MAUD can scale to any size and the more drives and units you have, the faster and more resilient it becomes.

Nobody likes obsolescence, but hardware inevitably fails. So we support the use of commodity hardware which is easily accessible to anyone. We designed MAUD to work flawlessly with disks of mixed brands, capacities, hardware and software versions.


And because you’re free to use any SATA disk you want, you can even reuse old disks from a server upgrade, effectively increasing your archive capacity for free without compromising data integrity.

Easy to use

MAUD operates like a single very large disk. You can organize your files as you like, without worrying about volumes or disk capacity. Simply connect more disks to see your storage increase.


Behind the scenes MAUD distributes and replicates your files to multiple disks without chopping them into pieces. Replication makes the archive highly resilient and self-healing. And we understand that the cloud may not be your home so you decide where units are physically installed, on-site, at a data center – wherever you want.


Storing and retrieving can be optimized in batches for fast, smooth and uninterrupted operation at the maximum network speed. MAUD comes with an I/O software package and a very user friendly interface. Plug-ins will be available as well as an Open Source direct control API.





Details create the big picture.

MAUD dimensions

Number of disk slots

Node raw capacity (min/max)


Drive type

Supported protocols

Data protection

Power usage



Time to read from unpowered disk

Network speed



Operating system

Internal speed limit on a single disk

Direct API license




850mm x 424mm x170mm (4U rack unit )


6TB to 1PB

currently 384TB with 8TB disks

3.5’’ SATA III


Replication and periodic checksums

31W idle

45W typical use

350W with all disks spinning.

8 seconds

85MB/sec (gigabit limit)

Gigabit ethernet port, USB 3.0

SSL over TCP/IP, no encryption on disk

CentOS 7 64 bits


Open Source GPL





Zero carbon operation

Watch it grow

While file servers and robots are notorious for their power hungry nature, MAUD pushes power efficiency to the limit. With less than 45W of power, it performs a complete check of all the disks reaching an impressive 0.15W per TB.


 And while we’re at it, we thought we’d take this a step further by cancelling the carbon emission over the entire operational lifetime of the unit by teaming up with OZG, a United Nations accredited organization that combats desertification.


Together we’ll compensate every Watt of power the unit is estimated to use by planting trees. It might just make MAUD the most nature friendly storage product ever designed.





Once planted you’ll receive a United Nations certificate with the geolocation of your forest. They’ll keep an eye on your forest and you can watch it grow on Google Earth and dream away of endless holidays and cocktails with little straw hats by a sea of green trees.





Thank you is an understatement

A project like MAUD would obviously not be possible without the tremendous support of the people around us.

So to all the people who helped us over the past year…  Gilles, Fabian, Bram, Sophie, Annelies, Robin, Laurens,Ine, the Guillaumes, Christophe, Florence, Fabienne, Delphine, Vincent, Benoit, Xavier, John, Loic, Carlos, Karl, Steven, Kris, Gregy, Matt, mom, dad and probably many more we are forgetting here…


THANKS for believing and the endless patience, you are all wonderful !





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